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The Purpose of the Fitchburg Republican City Committee is to promote the principles of the Republican Party, to cooperate in carrying out the programs of the Republican State and the Republican National Committees and to promote the election of Republican candidates.


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Unfortunately our Republican candidates and the Party was defeated in November 2012.  We were defeated, but we are not gone!!  We are dusting ourselves off and are coming back, stronger than ever.  We have many ideas on how to attract new members to join the Party as well at to attend our monthly meetings to help in our activities throughout the year. 

Why did we lose, because in part because we did not have YOU.  YOU didn't become involved and participate, you let others do the work.  We were willing and able, but fell short.  It is now your time to join in and help.  We don't need you sitting home feeling sorry for yourself and asking how could "he" have been re-elected.  There are local elections in 2013, an unexpected Senate race, as well as U.S. House positions open again in 2014.  There may also be some special elections in MA that will need all hands on deck to help get out the vote.  Don't sit at home again this time.  Join us this time.  We could have made a difference in 2012, but we didn't have enough supporters to help us get out our vote.  Don't let this happen again.  If you had joined us, we may have changed the results!  

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Support for Republican Candidate Gabriel Gomez

I know that there are some in our reading audience who may disagree with me, but we must support in voice, vote and action, OUR Republican candidate Gabriel Gomez for Senate.  Many say that Mr. Gomez is not the world's best conservative--I can't argue with this; but what he is--is a good, strong and decent man of who has proven himself several times over to prove that he loves America and that he is a honest and ethical leader.  We can and should be proud of his very individual achievements. 

Mr. Gomez has lived the "American Dream" and has succeeded at every level.  Through loving and consistent family guidance and his own determination to get ahead, he attended the US Naval Academy and went on to become a carrier pilot.  No small fete in itself, but this only began his push for more.  He decided that he wanted to be a Navy SEAL and had the inner grit, discipline and perseverance to earn the coveted trident.  To complete an impressive resume, he then went on to Harvard Business School where he earned an MBA and became a successful businessman.   

Not complacent to just earn wealth and raise a lovely family in Cohasset, he again wanted to "give back" to his country and what better time than when immigration and homeland security are front and center as major issues of the day.  Being from a family of immigrants from Columbia, Gabriel was raised by parents who adopted and embraced this country as their own,  instilling values of hard work and self-determination in their children.  From the perspective of national security, Mr. Gomez, more than anyone else, understands the need for secure borders, a strong and forceful military and national intelligence services that has the ability to pursue and follow up on terrorists threats and actions that instill fear in our citizens.

Gabriel Gomez is the first to admit that he is not a career politician and doesn't think or act from a political perspective.  In his past he has made some missteps with letters and donations, nothing that would or should give any more than brief pause when one considers their vote on June 25.    I for one am proud to support Gabriel Gomez for Senate from MA.  Unlike his competition, State Rep Ed Markey, whose gets his marching orders strictly from Obama and the Democratic Party, Gabriel Gomez holds firm to his personal values of conservatism.  However, as an elected representative of the people, he understands that he is not being sent to Washing to represent  himself, but the voices of many.  Gabriel Gomez has the pluck, determination to go forward and again serve this great country that he and we love!  Learn more about Gabriel by goinvisiting his web page:

Senatorial Candidates Want Our Votes

The FRCC is introducing the candidates for MA U.S. Senate who want your vote.  We in the Fitchburg Republican City Committee believe in an educated electorate and want you to review their web pages and make your own decisions as to who is most representative of your values. 

Remember, as a registered Republican you can sign the nomination papers for all Republican candidates.  Check out their web sites and learn for yourself who most represents your values.  There is one other candidate at this time, Michael Sullivan.  I will update his web page as soon as I get it:


Governor Bobby Jindal's Speech to the RNC

On Thursday, January 24, 2013, Governor Bobby Jindal gave a keynote presentation to the Republican National Committee.  His presentation raised many eyebrows especially when he said: "We (the Republican Party) must  stop being the stupid party".  Interesting that this line got all the headlines, but it was his entire speech that should give all Republicans and conservatives pause.  His strongest comment in his excellent speech was, "the genius of America is that our strength and power and growth comes from the individaul actions of our people."  Attached is the link to Governor Jindal's speech.  I recommend that all those who fear the Republicans are losing their edge read this and share with others:


Stepping on the U.S. Constitution

In the "New York Times" opinion piece dated December 30, 2012, Louis Michael Seidman, constitutional law profession at Georgetown University discusses how it is the U.S. Constitution that continues to obstruct the free flow of ideas and decisions in Washington and is the real culprit behind legislative gridlock.   This is a controversial yet interesting concept that deserves review on how the "other side" thinks and rationalizes the liberal/progressive thought process that we may think of as chaotic.  Read Seidman's opinion:

Senator Rand Paul on the Fiscal Cliff and Rich People Envy

Video clip, Senator Rand Paul, R/ Kentucky on the fiscal cliff and "rich people" envy.  A must see:

Being "Rich" in America

Christine Morabito, President of the Greater Boston Tea Party, discusses the new "rich" in her article in "The Valley Patriot", December 2012.  The Twin City Tea Party plans to have Christine as our guest speaker in January 2013.  Read her excellent article: