Welcome to the City of Fitchburg, MA Republican City Committee's webpage.  By entering this site you are demonstrating your interest and desire to learn more about your government, how it operates and about the bicameral political party system.  This site is open to all, but is devoted to the interest and betterment of the Republican Party.

The Purpose of the Fitchburg Republican City Committee is to promote the principles of the Republican Party, to cooperate in carrying out the programs of the Republican State and the Republican National Committees and to promote the election of Republican candidates.


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Unfortunately our Republican candidates and the Party was defeated in November 2012.  We were defeated, but we are not gone!!  We are dusting ourselves off and are coming back, stronger than ever.  We have many ideas on how to attract new members to join the Party as well at to attend our monthly meetings to help in our activities throughout the year. 

Why did we lose, because in part because we did not have YOU.  YOU didn't become involved and participate, you let others do the work.  We were willing and able, but fell short.  It is now your time to join in and help.  We don't need you sitting home feeling sorry for yourself and asking how could "he" have been re-elected.  There are always future local, state and national elections.   We need and appreciate all hands on deck to help get out the vote.  Don't sit at home again this time.  Join us this time.  We could have made a difference in 2012, but we didn't have enough supporters to help us get out our vote.  Don't let this happen again.  If you had joined us, we may have changed the results!  

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CHECK OUT FRCC ON WPKZ 1280am and 105.3fm, first Thursday of every month from 7:00 - 8:00am with drive time host David Martinez





In the Spring of 2013, as part of our energized efforts to get out the Republican message, vote and truth, we again reached out to the new local radio host David Martinez at station WPKZ.  We had been on the show one time in the previous year, but were surprised to find a new host with a renewed interest in having a variety of guest from unique perspectives on the air with him every morning.  The FRCC must have passed the David Martinez test because after our first show we set up a time slot to come in and do a monthly one-hour show where we discuss local, state and national politics and issues of the day.  We found a friend in David Martinez and fully appreciate the opportunity to be on the air with him for laughs and information sharing and discussion.  In August 2014 David announced his retirement from radio and has passed the torch to a new radio host, Travis Condon from Leominster.  At least for awhile, Travis intends to follow through with the same format and lineup, so the FRCC will still be on WPKZ the first Thursday of every month at 7:00 - 8:00 am.  We will still be sitting in with our friend Justin Brooks from Leominster who always brings insight and merriment to our discourse.  We continue to believe that we all make a great radio team--at least for one hour on the first Thursday of every month.  So remember to set your alarm clocks and don't sleep in, the FRCC on WPKZ can be heard on the first Thursday of every month from 7:00 - 8:00am.  WPKZ is found at 1280am and 105.3fm on the radio dial.

Time for the FRCC to Become Active

With just about one month to go before the State's Primary Election scheduled for Tuesday, September 9 the FRCC must become engaged in activism to help get out the vote.  Former State Representative, Richard Bastien has thrown his hat into the ring to run as a write in candidate for MA State Senate.  This has proven to be a very unusual election because the incumbent, State Senator Jen Flanagan will also be a write-in candidate due to some campaign mishaps.  Because of this we have an equal chance to take this seat and send Richard Bastien to Beacon Hill!    How do we advance Richard's campaign to the general election in November?  we need all our voters to get your Richard Bastien, Albee Street in Fitchburg" stickers or write in Richard Bastien's name and address on their ballot and fill in the ballot bubble and vote on Primary day.  If you are an Absentee Voter you can also vote for Richard Bastien by affixing his name-sticker or writing in his name on your absentee ballot and then fill in the bubble.  You will not regret giving Richard your vote!


The FRCC has been busy.  After our candidates widespread losses in November 2012 the FRCC members met to discuss any actions, or lack of action that may have contributed to these losses both at the national and state level.  How can we help get out the Republican/conservative vote?  How can we get our candidate's names and messages out to the voters.  How can we get the truth out when we have a complacent press?  We decided that one way to do this was to become aggressive with using our local media opportunities and queried attendees about their interest in learning how to produce our own show on local cable access TV or FATV.  So many of our members were excited to become involved in this opportunity that we immediately contacted FATV and organized our plans:  First, we identified a TV team and met with the folks at FATV to learn how to produce, direct and develop an in-studio TV program.  We queried our members and a contest was held to think of a catchy name of our show, member John Cutter suggested "Your RIGHT to Know" and we wholeheartedly went forward to the next step.  The theme song--how do we uniquely define our show using music to sell our content and make people want to tune-in to watch?  Answer:  We just get out our creative and artistic thinking caps and sit down with our guitars and begin with a few basis chords and the words and go from there.  Our theme song, "America WE STAND for FREEDOM" is an original song by members Larry LoVerme and Mary Lotze.  What better describes our mission and values than to sing from the opening strum that we stand for freedom knowing that freedom isn't really free.  The full song is available on our YouTube channel, Fitchburgfrcc and is also named "Anthem of the GOP".  Next we asked for photographs of Fitchburg and America that we feel defined the words of our song.  Voilla!  In just 2 short months the team was trained, had opening/closing theme song matched to a picture video with scrolling credits.  Believe it or not, this was not the most daunting of tasks.  Actually getting the team together to sit in front of the cameras and behind in the control room took the real courage, but we were not to be dissuaded--we marched forward into TV history and sat for our first show in April 2013.  We were together as a team and pulled it off.  Yes, there were a couple of rough spots, but nothing that set us back, only gave us the impetus to do another and another and another.  In May 2014, just one year after our first show, we were recognized by FATV with the "best produced" show award.  So now in addition to having about 19 shows under our belt we proudly call ourselves "the award winning, Your RIGHT to Know".

FATV has our show on three times each week and are also on FATV "On-Demand".  We have our own YouTube channel where all our shows including the full version of our theme song can be heard.  We want everyone to share our show's link "liberally" with other city and town committees and with family and friends, even those who don't always think like we do. 

So, Stand Proud FRCC Members who supported us and who are part of the award winning team.  We have set a standard for other cities and towns to follow!


Veterans Memory Walk

Opportunity for members of Fitchburg FRCC to Participate in the City's Veterans Memory Walk Way:

The City of Fitchburg is developing a veterans Memory Walk Way that will be completed and formally dedicated during a ceremony sometime over the Memorial Day weekend.

How can you help:  PURCHASE A MEMORY-WALK BRICK—Bricks can be purchased for $30. in honor of any active service member or veteran, who served during any period of time and who was in any branch of the uniformed services, including national guard and reserve units.  The veteran need not be from Fitchburg or living/lived in the City.   Attached is the form that can be downloaded, completed and mailed with your check to the City’s veterans officer in Fitchburg.

SPREAD THE WORD OF THE MEMORY-WALK BRICK PROJECT—The project will begin in the April timeframe with dedication during the Memorial Day weekend, so, bricks need to be purchased ASAP.  Please share this information with family and friends and even those in your e-mail address book who may be interested in participating in this project by purchasing a brick for themselves or for family members.  These bricks can be thoughtful and lasting gifts for parents, grandparents or other family members who were in the military, and who can be particularly hard to buy for.  Let them know that your recognize, respect and appreciate their military service.

VOLUNTEER TO HELP COMPLETE THE MEMORY-WALK PROJECT:  As a community project, the Twin City Tea Party is volunteering to help the veterans of Fitchburg develop this walk.  It will be built by the City’s DPW and Parks Dept, however, there are always projects and extra duties on the punch list that can require an extra hand.  These tasks have not yet been specifically identified, but by letting Justin Brooks know you are interested in helping to put this together in the April timeframe and assisting in the dedication ceremony over the Memorial Day weekend, you can also be part of a special memory for many veterans.